How to Find Mobile Number Using UPI Id? Discover What UPI Id Reveals

If you’re curious about how to get mobile number from UPI Id or figuring out a UPI ID using a mobile number, stick with us. We’ll also explain why UPI IDs matter for online money transactions and answer all the questions you might have.

How to Get Mobile Number From UPI Id

How to Find Mobile Number Using UPI Id?

Mobile numbers are incredibly important nowadays. We used to use them just for talking, but now they help us handle money too. UPI is a special way that gives every mobile number a unique identity, making it possible to handle money transactions from home.

In this article, we’ll explain step by step how to find a mobile number using a UPI ID. This guide is really helpful, so read it all to get the full scoop.

If you’re curious about figuring out a UPI ID using a mobile number or find someone’s phone number using a UPI ID, stick with us. We’ll also explain why UPI IDs matter for online money transactions and answer all the questions you might have.

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What’s a UPI ID?

A UPI ID is like a special label for your mobile number on the internet. It helps you do money transactions online. These days, mobile phones are super important for money stuff – we just can’t do without them.

Getting to Know UPI ID

The government has made a smart way for us to safely move money online. They’ve connected each mobile number to a special ID so we know who’s paying how much. This ID is linked to our bank accounts and is called a UPI ID.

The UPI ID Full Form

UPI ID stands for Unified Payment Interface ID. It’s a way the government set up for banks. They connect your bank account to your mobile number, and this makes your mobile number special for online money tasks. You’ll see this ID when you’re doing money stuff online.

Various UPI Ids look like

PayTm 98xxxxxxxx@paytm
Phone Pe98xxxxxxxx@ybl

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In most of the UPI I’ds you can get the Phone number of the person with the details of the App for which UPI I’d is created as shown above.

Other than the above you can get the name of the person by entering the UPI I’d in new transaction section.

How to Find Your UPI ID Using Your Mobile Number

If your mobile number is connected to your bank account, you can easily find your UPI ID. Just follow these steps:

  • Make sure your mobile has the internet on.
  • Get an app like PhonePe or Google Pay for online money work.
  • Open the app and use the mobile number that’s linked to your bank account.
  • In most apps, your UPI ID will show up on the main screen.

If you can’t find your UPI ID, check your profile photo or look in the options section. You’ll find the UPI ID there.

Finding a Mobile Number from a UPI ID

How to Find Mobile Number Using UPI Id might be a bit tricky, but it’s possible. UPI IDs are made up of letters and numbers, and the start of the UPI ID often matches your mobile number.

  • Open your online payment app with your UPI ID.
  • Look for your UPI ID, and you’ll likely see your mobile number at the beginning.
  • Usually, the first 10 digits of your UPI ID are your mobile number.

But it’s not the easiest way to find a mobile number, so don’t worry if it seems a bit confusing.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number Using a UPI Id

Finding someone’s phone number using only their UPI ID isn’t possible through proper and legal methods. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a system in India that lets people quickly move money between bank accounts. It’s built to make sure user information stays private and safe. UPI IDs aren’t directly connected to phone numbers.

Then, how to find mobile number using UPI Id? If you want to get in touch with someone using their UPI ID, it’s better to do it through the app or platform where you both did the transaction or talked. But it’s super important to be respectful and careful with this information. Remember, there are rules and guidelines about privacy and protecting people’s data that we should always follow.

What Is a UPI Reference Number?

A UPI reference number is a special 12-digit code that helps keep track of a transaction you’ve made using UPI, a way to send money and make payments with your phone. Each time you do a transaction, you get a different code. This code is important because if you have a problem with a transaction, like if the money doesn’t go where it should, you can tell the customer service people this code, and they can figure out what happened and help you.

UPI Reference Number

How Does UPI Reference Number Work?

The UPI reference number acts like a transaction ID that’s really useful whenever you want to keep an eye on a UPI transaction. This reference number is a 12-digit code that helps you follow your transactions.

How to Find UPI Reference Number

Once you finish making a payment, you’ll see a UPI reference number right under the amount you sent. Sometimes, it might happen that the payment seems to go through, but the person you sent money to didn’t get it. Or, you may sent money to wrong UPI address mistakenly; This is when the UPI reference number comes to the rescue. It helps you track all the important info about the transaction. If you’re the one who sent the money or the person who was supposed to get it, you can call the customer service folks and have them check if the transfer was really legit. Read about How to Recover Money Transferred to a Wrong UPI Address.

Answers to Common Questions

Let’s clear up some common questions about UPI IDs and mobile numbers:

Q: What’s a UPI ID?

A UPI ID is a unique label for doing safe online money transactions. Each mobile number has its own UPI ID.

Q. What does UPI ID stand for?

UPI ID means Unified Payment Interface ID.

Q: Where do I find my UPI ID?

Your UPI ID is usually on the main screen of the app you use for online money things. You can also find it in your profile section, mixed with your mobile number and other characters.

Q: What is the process to find the details related to a UPI ID?

If you possess the mobile number of the individual in question, a straightforward method involves appending “@ybl,” “@apl,” or “@okhdfc” to the end of the mobile number. Subsequently, input this modified number into the “Pay to UPI” section within popular payment applications like Google Pay or PhonePe. Alternatively, if you possess the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) ID of the person, you can directly insert it into the “Pay to UPI” section and then validate it.

Once you’ve verified the UPI ID, the application will provide information such as the name of the person associated with the bank account and their father’s name. To pinpoint the person’s location, initiate a nominal ₹1 payment to the provided UPI ID. By examining your account statement, you will discover a transaction reference number as well as the IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code of the recipient bank.

For further clarity on the bank and its location, perform a quick search of the IFSC code on a search engine such as Google. This will reveal the bank’s name as well as the specific branch name or location where the money has been transferred. It’s worth noting that the majority of individuals tend to choose a bank branch closest to their vicinity for convenient access.

Q. If I give my UPI ID to someone, can they find out my phone number or full name?

If you have provided only your UPI ID, the recipient will have access to your name linked to the bank account, but your phone number will remain undisclosed. Your personal information is securely stored on the NPCI server. Sharing of such details is restricted to government agencies such as the police, CBI, ED, IT, and similar authorized entities.

Q: How do I change my phone number in UPI?

Changing your mobile number in UPI isn’t a direct process. Instead, you’ll need to visit your bank branch and make a formal request to update your linked mobile number. When doing this, make sure to clearly communicate your intention to use the updated mobile number for UPI transactions. This step is crucial for seamless mapping when you later register with a UPI app on your mobile device.

It’s recommended that you always keep your bank account e-passbook or mobile passbook, available for download on the Play Store, at the ready. This way, even if you don’t receive an SMS notification for a particular transaction, you can refer to your bank statements. These statements can help you confirm whether the transaction was successful or not. In cases where the transaction wasn’t successful, the statements will also help you determine whether the deducted amount was refunded to your account.

Q: Is it safe to share UPI ID?

Your UPI ID or the mobile number connected to your UPI account contains sensitive information that requires careful handling. It’s crucial to maintain the privacy of this data and refrain from sharing it on platforms like social media or public forums. Reserve the sharing of your UPI ID or mobile number exclusively for trusted individuals or reputable businesses, particularly when you’re engaging in payment transactions. This precaution helps safeguard your financial security.

Q: What can someone do with my UPI ID?

Someone with your UPI ID can:
** Send you money without your consent.
** Try to phish for your bank account information.
** Use your UPI ID to create a fake account in your name.
** Use your UPI ID to commit fraud or other crimes.

To Sum Up

In this article, we’ve given you a detailed guide on how to find mobile number using UPI Id. We hope it’s been helpful. If you liked this, consider sharing it with others on social media. If you have questions or ideas about this, let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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