3 Ways How to Save Instagram Reels With Music: No tech knowledge required!

Learn the easy way how to save Instagram Reels with music! Follow our simple guide for instant playback anytime, anywhere. No tech knowledge required!

How to Save Instagram Reels With Music
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Instagram Reels are like a fun playground where people get creative and have a good time. They often have cool music that makes them even more exciting. But what if you want to keep these cool videos and watch them later, even when you’re not on Instagram? Maybe you want to rewatch a funny skit with its awesome music or practice a dance routine without needing the internet. Don’t worry! This guide will show you how to save Instagram Reels with music, and you can do it with or without using extra apps.

Understanding Instagram Reels with Music

Before we talk about how to save Instagram Reels with music, let’s understand what they are all about. Instagram Reels are short videos that can last up to 60 seconds. In these videos, you can show off your creativity by mixing pictures or videos with lots of different music choices. It doesn’t matter if you’re dancing, pretending to sing, or displaying your art – adding music makes your Reels more special and enjoyable.

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How to Save Instagram Reels With Music

Instagram provides a user-friendly platform, making it relatively simple to save your Reels along with the accompanying music. Here’s three comprehensive methods with the easy step-by-step guide:

Method 1: Built-in Instagram Options (Limited Scope)

  1. Adding Reels to Your Story: Open the Reel you want to save, tap the share button (three dots) and choose “Add Reel to your story.” Now, zoom in on the Reel to fill the screen and tap the three dots again. Finally, select “Download” to save the Reel with music to your camera roll. This method, however, crops the Reel to Instagram story dimensions (9:16) but adds the story format with your username and profile picture.
  2. Screen Recording: While not the most elegant solution, screen recording your phone’s screen is a simple option. Most Android and iOS devices have built-in screen recording capabilities. Just start recording before launching the Reel and stop once it finishes. This method captures the Reel in its original aspect ratio but might include any notifications or distractions that pop up during recording.
  3. Save Audio for Future Reels: Tap the audio name displayed below the Reel and then “Save Audio.” This allows you to use the same music in your own Reels later, but doesn’t directly download the original Reel.

Method 2: Downloading Apps (Android Only)

Important Note: Downloading apps can access your personal information. Choose reputable apps and exercise caution with permissions.

  1. Preview App (iOS): This app boasts an intuitive interface and lets you download Reels with just a few taps. Open the app, find the Reel you want to save, and click the “Download” button. You can even choose to download only the audio or video separately.
  2. Video Downloader for Instagram (Android): Apps like “Reels Down” or “Video Downloader for Instagram” allow you to copy the Reel’s URL and paste it into the app for downloading. This robust app allows you to download Reels, stories, and posts with music simultaneously. Simply copy the Reel’s URL from Instagram, paste it into the app, and download. It even offers batch downloading for saving multiple Reels at once.
  3. InstaSave (Android and iOS): This versatile app not only downloads Reels with music but also lets you repost them or share them directly to other platforms. Open the app, tap the “Search” icon, and enter the username of the account with the Reel you want to save. Choose the Reel and download it with audio.
  4. Screen Recorders: Apps like “AZ Screen Recorder” capture your phone’s screen, allowing you to record the playing Reel with audio. This is a more versatile option, but the quality might be slightly lower.

Method 3: Third-Party Websites (All Platforms)

  1. Online Downloaders: Websites like “IGDownloader” or “SaveFrom” let you paste the Reel’s URL and download it in various formats, including with audio. However, be wary of intrusive ads and potential security risks on some websites.
  2. Browser Extensions (Chrome and Firefox): Extensions like “Instagram Video Downloader” or “IGDownloader.net” offer similar functionality as online downloaders but directly within your browser. Choose trusted extensions and be mindful of privacy settings.

Bonus Tips:

  • Original Reels vs. Shared Reels: Downloading works best with original Reels. Downloading shared Reels from other accounts might violate copyright, so proceed with caution.
  • Copyright Considerations: Downloading copyrighted music without permission is illegal. Ensure the music used in the Reel is royalty-free or you have permission to use it.
  • Alternative Platforms: Explore platforms like TikTok, which allow direct downloading of videos with music.

Important Considerations:

Before diving into downloading Reels with music, remember the following:

  • Copyright: Downloading copyrighted music without permission is illegal. Ensure the Reel uses royalty-free music or music the creator has permission to use. Downloading Reels for commercial purposes also requires the creator’s consent.
  • App Permissions: Be wary of apps asking for excessive permissions beyond accessing your storage. Choose reputable apps with good reviews and privacy policies.
  • Video Quality: Downloaded Reels might not always retain the original video quality, especially when using free apps. Consider paid options for higher-quality downloads.

Beyond Downloading:

Saving Reels with music opens up doors for further creativity:

  • Practice Choreography: Download Reels with dance routines and practice them offline at your own pace.
  • Learn Makeup Tutorials: Save Reels with makeup tutorials and review them step-by-step without needing internet access.
  • Create Remixes: Use downloaded Reels as inspiration or music sources for your own creative endeavors.


Downloading Reels should be done responsibly and ethically. With the right approach, this skill can enhance your enjoyment of Instagram content and fuel your own creative pursuits. So, go forth, download, and let the Reels keep inspiring you!


Saving Instagram Reels with music may not be as straightforward as saving regular videos, but with the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can easily preserve those creative and musical moments on your device. As Instagram continues to evolve, we can anticipate more features and options for users, possibly including a direct method for saving Reels with music. Until then, follow these steps, unleash your creativity, and keep the rhythm alive in your Instagram Reels. Happy saving!

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